Contractual engagement with ATLAS offers real-time capital market consulting on promising stressed-equity opportunities as well as debt-vehicle and debt-market exposure consulting. Members receive personalized exposure consultations as well as broader stressed equity analysis on a member by member basis. Members also receive broader market, broader equity-campaign commentary and other data-first analysis via desktop, app, and phone conference updates. All capital market ideas and consulting come as endorsed, direct outcomes from firm research and analytics.

Dallas Salazar, our founder, currently owns and operates as CEO an enterprise consulting firm that specializes in private company lifecycle management, up to and including taking companies public, and in helping consult publicly traded companies ranging in market cap from $100 million to $500 million. He has a specialization in deal flow management and is often the referring and closing source of Joint Ventures and broader M&A.

Dallas often works directly with management teams and Boards of microcap and stressed equity companies in which he or members of his professional network are heavily invested. This includes helping with overall strategy, helping with capital structure management, helping facilitate liquidity, helping facilitate Joint Ventures and broader M&A, and helping restructure the business segments if necessary.

“One place of great inefficiency is in the stressed equity markets – or the markets in which a company appears as bankruptcy or a breakup is inevitable. As equities become stressed they often sell down to absurd levels of value that present, should there be value to be unlocked, opportunities for “venture level” returns. These often range in the 3X-10X range. With my unique ability to actually improve business outcomes by working directly with a company and management/Board I’m in a position, should I view the underlying business as salvageable, to directly improve the long-term viability of the company. I am NOT simply an investor in these names but an acting consultant. This allows me to “overlay my network” and to move the company away from a stressed or defaulting outcome and into an outcome probability that allows the equity price to move substantially higher.”