[1] Capital Structure Risk Management
[2] Credit/Debt Analysis
[3] Leverage Deployment

One of the biggest value-prop drivers of our platform is the educational value-add our platform brings to subscribers. Our subscribers often comment regarding how our platform has shortened "the learning curve" when it comes to capital market risk management as well as when it comes to new investment methodologies they were unfamiliar with prior to joining - often these have to do with credit and/or debt risk management. We believe developing an investment methodology, or a system for capital market risk management that is scalable and repeatable, is paramount to seeing long-term success. 

Without an investment methodology we don't believe that long-term wealth aggregation is possible; and unfortunately, we view this as a core hurdle facing most individual investors. This is why promoting an educational environment and fostering a culture of constant Q&A is one of our core beliefs as a firm and one of our core goals for our retail platform. Ultimately, we think that both individual and groupthink biases are incredibly harmful to overall understanding of risk and to the risk management process in general. We believe our teaching and educational environment is immediately visible to new members and is one that is constantly underlined once having secured membership. Again, our members often promote our "educational value-add" when referencing our platform across third party forums - including Social Finance, Seeking Alpha, and through direct networking. 

We welcome members of all levels of capital market risk management sophistication, of all professional backgrounds, and of all levels of capital market experience - regardless of the investment arena. Our network of members, which we consider the foundation of the success of our platform and a unique value-add in itself, derives its collective power from its collective diversity. Leverage our network and develop an investment methodology with us.