We communicate entirely through three methods: 
[1] Email Blast
[2] Slack Chat
[3] Phone Contact w/ Direct Account Managers

Email Blast communication is pretty self-explanatory. If we find it to be relevant information, we'll send it to you. Also, our email blasts will occasionally include slide-deck investor presentations and data files [for your own personal research library]. Please, make sure to open and read all email correspondence.

Slack Chat is the name of our chat room - which is hosted via Slack [an app and web-based platform]. A Slack Chat invite will be sent to all new members upon engagement. Please, do join us in the chat even if you don't intend to chat all that often. There's plenty to be learned simply by actively following the chat logs from day to day. Some of our most influential members chat in the Slack Chat daily. The more you participate, the better your experience at ATLAS will be. 

Phone Contact is also self-explanatory. If you have questions that would normally require long-form response, please call your account manager. Often in finance, a phone call is much, much better for breaking out detail and for getting granular. Usually account managers can get back to subscribers within the same day - if not, almost always within 24 hours. Don't be afraid to call.


We collect, sort, and analyze an incredible amount of data on a daily basis [<--- here's a link to a blog post by Microsoft in which Microsoft profiles exactly how we execute on this never ending task; and how our execution leads to us finding data outliers for our clients and subscribers]. In fact, it might have been our data presentations that led you to us in the first place. All of this is done in an effort to find, on a yearly basis, between one and three names [occasionally more] that we believe present opportunity for exponential upside returns. However, we should note that we're not a short term shop.

Our investments typically have what are called "maturation cycles" - or the time it takes for names we evaluate [and ultimately decide to invest in] to begin seeing sustained improved business outcomes [or the opposite for names we decide to short sell]. These improved business outcomes are literally what creates the upside in the name; our strategic expertise and value-add to the underlying business that we're invested in is an asset that we bring to both investors and to management teams. Anytime we make a recommendation, should you choose to participate in the campaign, you should expect a 12-24 month hold.

But again, it's our goal to show you continued, incremental progress in the name over this maturation cycle; for how else would you be able to make a judgement on the improving health and viability of the underlying investment? Whether this be via private chats with management, via private chats with other major shareholders [usually 13G or 13D filers], via public filings [via Securities and Exchange Commission filings], etc., we should be able to show incremental progress over the entire hold duration of the investment - including an improving share price. The point is, we're not a day trading service. We might not be a trading service at all. We do research, client consulting, and ultimately enterprise-consulting for the names that we have investment exposure to; and that results in a low-volume of recommendations but what we believe are high-quality, superbly risk-adjusted recommendations that position our consulting base for outsized returns. Just don't let us confuse you with a fast money shop; that, my friend, we are not. 


All we ask of our membership base is a true understanding of what we do. If you're not on board for long-term, fundamental investing - we get that; maybe we're not the right partnership for you. If you're not willing to follow a long-running narrative, to participate in calls with management, and to be an active partner in risk managing an investment - rather than, say, "just doing what we're saying" as some services ask - maybe we're not the right partnership for you. And if you don't yet have the stomach for sometimes volatile, sometimes quite ugly "early" returns - we get that too. Our biggest fear as a firm is taking a potential long-term clients money too soon, before they're ready to see the value in our partnership, and losing that client for life. We aren't in the business of simply collecting clients. We want the right clients. 

But if what we've described sounds good, if it sounds like our investment philosophies and methodologies line up, we think you engaging our firm will be a good thing for the both of us. Again, make sure to lean on us when you need us - and when in an active subscription don't be afraid to use the communication channels detailed above.

The ATLAS Team